Update: Our Volunteer Slots Are Full!

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our shibari study – our volunteer slots are now fully booked!

But guess what?

For those eager to experience shibari, we've introduced a special "One-Time Session" option, available on our Sessions page. Dive into the transformative world of shibari with a unique, single-session experience.


Inquire about pricing and availability by reaching out through our contact form. Hurry, as these exclusive one-time sessions are limited!

Missed the first wave of volunteers? No worries!

We'll be reopening for more volunteers after our initial participants complete their extraordinary journey.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and stay tuned for more shibari adventures!

Best, The Shibari Study Team



We are excited to announce an opportunity for individuals over 18 to volunteer in a unique study exploring the benefits of shibari sessions, conducted by the experienced rigger, "MiamiRigger," and supported by an experienced rope bottom who will provide her expertise from that perspective. Our goal is to delve into the potential of shibari to challenge the body, mind, and spirit while ensuring a safe and non-sexual environment.


Inclusivity and Diversity:

We welcome individuals of all genders, ages (over 18), body types, and backgrounds to join us in this fascinating journey. We believe that the art of shibari offers a transformative experience, encouraging deep meditation, vulnerability, and increased awareness and well-being.


Study Focus and Objective:

This study is strictly non-sexual and focuses on the personal growth aspects of shibari. Our primary objective is to confirm the benefits of shibari sessions through the experiences of our diverse group of participants.


Commitment and Incentives:

Volunteers are required to commit to a one-time, four-hour session, which will be provided free of charge as part of the study. More details will be provided upon confirmation. As an additional incentive, you will have the opportunity to take as many photos as you desire during the session.


Safety and Confidentiality:

Your safety and well-being are our top priority. We will follow strict safety precautions and guidelines during the sessions to ensure a positive experience for all participants. Rest assured, all personal information will be kept confidential.


The Team:

MiamiRigger, the experienced rigger leading the sessions, has performed numerous suspensions and performances in the past. You can learn more about their work at www.miamishibari.com.



How to Participate:

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please fill out the form on this page or contact us through the website. There is no deadline for signing up, so take your time to consider this unique opportunity.

Join us on this intriguing exploration of the art of shibari and experience a new form of self-discovery!